My Kingdom


Winner -- Richard Harris, Outstanding Contribution by an Actor, British Independent Film Awards

Principal photography began October 16, 2000 on Sky Pictures' MY KINGDOM directed by Don Boyd (Lucia, Kleptomania, Twenty-One). The film chronicles the demise of a powerful dynasty as the charismatic but manipulative father decides to hand over the criminal empire to his daughters.

RICHARD HARRIS (Gladiator, The Field) heads a stellar cast including TOM BELL (Tube Tales, Prime Suspect), EMMA CATHERWOOD (Butterfly Collectors), AIDEN GILLEN (Queer as Folk, The Low Down, Final Curtain) LOUISE LOMBARD (Metropolis, The House Of Eliott), PAUL McGANN (Our Mutual Friend, FairyTale: A True Story), JIMI MISTRY (East is East, Born Romantic), LORRAINE PILKINGTON (Human Traffic), COLIN SALMON (The World is Not Enough, Fanny and Elvis) and LYNN REDGRAVE (Gods and Monsters, Shine).

Richard Harris is Sandeman, the patriarch of a Liverpudlian crime family.  Lynn Redgrave is his wife, Mandy.  Following an unforeseen tragedy, Sandeman decides to turn over control of his empire to his three beautiful daughters. But when his favourite Jo (Catherwood) rejects the offer, and the control reverts to her corrupt and power-hungry sisters Kath and Tracy (Lombard and Pilkington), the family starts to implode. Sandeman finds himself unable to control the violent spiraling family destruction.

Lynn Redgrave plays Sandeman's wife, Mandy.

Written by Nick Davies and Don Boyd, MY KINGDOM is produced by Neal Weisman of Close Grip Films and Gabriela Bacher of Primary Pictures. Dewald Aukema (Lucia, Mandela) is director of photography, Luana Hanson (Greenwich Mean Time, The Slab Boys) is production designer, Mary Jane Reyner (The War Zone, Fever Pitch) is costume designer and Adam Ross is editor (New Year's Day, The Girl With Brains in her Feet). The film shot over six weeks on location in Liverpool.


Neal Weisman of Close Grip Films most recently produced Seeing Red and the BAFTA award winning The Politician's Wife.

Gabriela Bacher of Primary Pictures is producing a small group of international features including The Leni Riefenstahl Project starring Jodie Foster.

Overseas Film Group is handling international rights. Kermit Smith's Key Films is co-producing and distributing the film in Italy.

Sky Pictures is the feature film production division of British Sky Broadcasting. Set up in June 1998, they have commissioned, produced and financed 14 feature films to date: My Kingdom, Gypsy Woman, Is Harry on the Boat?, The Fourth Angel, On The Nose, Kiss Kiss (Bang Bang), Saving Grace, When the Sky Falls, The Most Fertile Man in Ireland, Paranoid, breathtaking, Tube Tales, Best and Milk.