Black Comedy


In 1967 Lynn made her Broadway debut, in Peter Shaffer's "Black Comedy," directed by John Dexter.  The story, based on a classic Japanese Noh Theatre concept, is set in an artist's loft during a power blackout.  When the characters are in the dark, the stage lights come up so the audience can magically see them anyway. During  scenes that take place when the power is on, the stage is completely dark, reversing the pattern.  Lynn's costars were Geraldine Page, Michael Crawford, Donald Madden, and Peter Bull.
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Lynn and Michael Crawford (pre-Phantom)


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Peter Bull and Lynn


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Lynn and Donald Madden ponder their bleak situation.

Photographs thanks to the Leica of Arnold Weissberger

Marquee at the Barrymore
The Marquee outside the Ethel Barrymore Theatre
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There was lots of stumbling in the "dark."


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Michael Crawford and Lynn


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Lynn and Geraldine Page.  That's tap water in that bottle!